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Thousands of years from now, some young scientists will build an interface called “The Cube” to solve the physical and psychological problems derived from the lack of natural light and the chrono-disruption that will afflict the world after a disaster.

“The Cube” is a type of virtual reality that expands every day to what they called “Invasive Reality”, capable of working with dreams, knowledge and history.

Remedios, Jesús's wife, is punished by the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Three of her children: Roxín; Jesús, nicknamed “the baby” and a soldier from the Somoza battalion who died in the Civil War; and Ramon; They are part of this story.

Presentación, mother of Teresa and Marisa, had a son named Manolín, who was injured during the bombing of Avilés and arrived dead at the hospital.

Roxín married Teresa and had four children: Víctor, Reme, Marisa and Rosa.

The brothers Rosa and Víctor decided to share this story.

Perhaps, the data of the work are real events and offer the vision that “The Cube” will present. Will everything be like this? Maybe it won't happen? Where are the borders of reality?

This work completes the WANIK AL ORE trilogy