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...There was also me, Io.

They also referred to me as she, as if they didn't dare to say my name sometimes.

Ah! That I haven't introduced myself yet?

I must also name myself because I am part of the group.

Although I should say that's not exactly me?

Yes, they will think I have gone crazy, but if they let me explain, they will understand me a little why I say it.

When the most mischievous part of me heard his real name, IoC, pronounced, he made such a fuss that they had no choice but to swallow his words and admit it. I didn't like being called IoC, as they used to call intelligences very similar to mine. I flatly refused to be called by the initials that define my species because, after me, there have been others. I hate being called a Cooperative Organic Intelligence and nothing cooperative at all.

I just needed to hear that! Cooperative! Ha! As individualistic as I am!

Better to shorten the name and call me Io because it sounds much better than IoC and Marta, the name I was baptized by my parents. I wish they called me Yo, even Io, instead of IoC, a name I really hate.

I sound like Io in Italian and also like a satellite that Jupiter has. Io, or I, has much more identity than IoC..., and I undoubtedly like it more and I have the right to be treated as one of them and to be called by a name with which I can fully identify because I, Io; I'm not that different, or maybe I should say I'm much better than all of them.