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In the distant future, Earth has undergone astonishing transformations since the days when the trilogy books were written. However, it is the third book, 'Fly', that stands out as the most prophetic of the three.

Unfortunately, 'Volar' has lost most of its pages and lies forgotten in a rubbish heap, until a group of friends discover it thousands of years after its creation. Despite its battered state, the book manages to capture the attention of friends from the future, as it narrates events from their own time, despite being practically incomplete.

Among the friends, a young woman from the future named IO is so intrigued by 'Fly' that she decides to fill in the missing pages with her own story. Convinced that the book speaks to her own life, IO takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the work is complete. Thus, 'VOLAR' becomes an intertwined story of past and future, uniting the lost pages with the history of IO and giving new life to a legacy forgotten in the rubble of time.