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The scientist had stopped in front of a sturdy wooden table on which there was an identification plate with his name and position. The table was empty except for a mysterious glass sphere the size of a basketball...

"We have them," the man in the white coat repeated as if Krang hadn't heard him.

Krang read the name on the plaque: and I also saw it from afar “Negu Izaguirre”. My vision and hearing in this dream were amazing like the eagle I felt like, I had never experienced anything like it.

–Do we really have them? –Krang repeated as if he still didn't believe it with a certain tone of irony.

The one in the white coat nodded seriously three times.

–It has cost us a lot but even so, we have achieved it, after many failures they have practically just been born.

–He put the pens in the bag of his spotless doctor's coat and listened to Krang who indicated with a hand gesture to move away from the honeycomb and stand aside.